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Lesson Plan/Investigation

This lesson looks at algebraic concepts by using classic "scales" and symbols, concluding with a more formal look at solving algebraic equations.

Unit Plan


An investigation into the mathematical "fairness" of our democratic systems appropriate for all levels of high school.  Students explore representation, apportionment, districting, and the electoral college.  


Lesson Plan

An investigation into the unique counting system of the Mayans.  Using the known hindu-arabic value of a few Mayan numbers, students discover how Mayans counted. This lesson helps students explore place-value and ultimately allows students to create their own number system.

YouTube Channel


This video series was created to offer students grades 3-6 a fun and engaging way to explore math and logic puzzles while in quarantine.  Created in Spring 2020.



Percentages can be a very difficult concept for students to grasp.  By utilizing a student's prior knowledge, and presenting percentages visually, this investigation presents percentages as a more easily digestible and relevant topic.


Lesson Plan/Investigation

WIP.  Prototype for an online resource that collects student-centered math lessons that are searchable by content and cultural component.  Designed to provide instructional support for major cultural aspects of a successful math classroom as well as tangible resources to implement while lesson planning.


Instructional Video

Do you hate memorizing the unit circle? Turns out, it doesn't have to be memorized if it can be understood. This video was produced to support students who are frustrated by their lack of understanding of what and how the unit circle came to be.



What is Mathematics and why do we teach it?  A research paper highlighting 5 major mathematicians and their influence on our understand of what mathematics is and how it ought to be taught in the classroom.

2-page flyer to provide information and resources for educators hoping to beter understand identity in the classroom.  Designed as a final project for Dr. Umaña-Taylor, Director of AERID Lab  (Adolescent Ethnic Racial Identity Development) at Harvard Graduate School of Education. 

Research Paper

More curricular resources can be found (for FREE!) on my teachers pay teachers website:  Handmade Homemade Math

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